About Me

Why do I write? Because I have to. I’ve been writing for years but most of those years I kept my writing hidden in a journal, or if I typed it out and printed it, I would throw it in a drawer. One day, many years ago, I showed some of my writing to my then pastor. He told me it was excellent. Too bad I was a woman. Years went by and my writing ebbed and flowed. Again, I had the courage to show some of my writing to another pastor. He also told me it was excellent. Then he took my teaching, put it into his own words and promptly taught it that Sunday, without giving me any credit. As I sat there that Sunday morning, listening to my teaching being taught by someone else, I was angry. Very angry. But I believe the Lord allowed it to happen because it was the push that I needed. I will never forget what the Lord said to me that Sunday morning in church. Clear as a bell I heard Him say to me the following: “That’s what happens when you hide your talent in a drawer”. He was of course referring to the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30. I was indeed a wicked and lazy servant who had hidden the one talent I had in a drawer. But it was the word that I needed, because it gave me the courage and the push to start this blog. I would like to one day stand before my sweet Lord and Master and hear Him say to me: “Good job, Sibylle. You took your one talent and invested it with the bankers, and I have received back my own with interest”.

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